Wednesday, November 16, 2011

dear santa

tis the season for a wish list to send to santa, right?

I have been compiling a list over the year, here are a few things from that list broken into 3 categories
Practical, Not Practical but I love, Needed

Self Magazine Subscription- could be in the needed category because soon I will get in trouble for stealing it from the gym

Cereal Bowls- We never completed our dish collection... Emma Green from Pottery Barn or really any all white bowls.

Cardigan Sweaters- Also borderline needed because I wear these everyday to work....
Could be found here, here or here

Money for rugs for the house... see previous post

Tory Burch Flats- these or these

Rubber Car Mats
Jeni's Ice Cream Book- it will enhance my homemade ice cream skills....

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