Friday, April 27, 2012

story time

I just finished MWF seeking BFF

I will be honest, I struggled through this book. It was interesting and trust me... there were times I had to ask if she interviewed me for this book. It was just hard to get through because I felt that it said a lot of the same stuff over and over... I skimmed a few pages just to get past the "boring" parts.

Now, the premise of the book is great! I could really relate to it... When I moved to this city 7 years ago... I was in heaven many of my college friends were here and we were having a great time! Slowly those friends moved away... leaving me to make new friends. When I met my now husband... then I made friends with his friends. As his friends got girlfriends... I thought "score" new automatic Besties... boy was I wrong. I have gone through a 5 year struggle of trying to make friendships that just are not the same as my true bffs.

Over the years I have made some new friends, some really great friends! I am slowly learning that it is ok that I do not hit it off with everyone I meet... after all one person can only handle so many friends right???

The book was entertaining at times because I can relate. Girl dates are awkward... don't you agree. If you click you do and if not... well then that is just even more awkward. Making friends is like dating... not quite as complicated, but just as disappointing when something doesn't work out!

What I take away from the book is, Do not hesitate to make friends. introduce yourself to strangers at the gym, at restaurants... you never know if they are a future friend.People are resistant to talk to strangers because we assume that they will think we are weird... I used to CRINGE when my mom talked to strangers in the grocery store... but why? Friendly is better then rude... right?

This weeks friend goal... old fashioned welcome the new neighbors to the hood... I will knock on the door with a gift and say Welcome!

Next on the reading list... the third and final book of the Hunger Games Trilogy MockingJay.

Thanks for your suggested reads! Keep them coming... whats next on your reading list? 

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