Sunday, April 22, 2012

sister sister

Being a sister is an interesting relationship. For those that have never experienced it... well, I am not sure whether to say you are lucky or missing out because sometimes I have felt both ways... although the lucky part happened back when we were kids and would scream and fight... those days have passed... for the most part.

I always say that I never want daughters, they are complicated and who the heck needs another version of me running around... but then I think... having a sister is so great, I wouldn't want to take that away from someone.

My family dynamic is interesting because we have a wide age range, I am the oldest... then 3 years later my brother, 5 years my sister and then 15 years into my life... another sister. No one calls her "accident annie" to her face ;)

With the variety in age I have two wonderful beautiful sisters who I learn so much from.

Then you get pictures like this... where no matter the age you realize wow... we have all un-intentionally put on similar outfits and wore the same sunglasses....

Annie (13), Me (28) and Emma (23)... oh and my niece wearing her favorite "melmo" tee.

Please also note that although older... I am the shortest one of the bunch... geez.

Go on and give your sisters a hug :) 

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