Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Facts

- B is the best man in a wedding this weekend... of course I am excited for him, but all I can think about is the outfits I need
- I tried on about 25 dresses at 5 different stores... I bought this because I liked this.... of course because of the price difference... what do you think about pairing with gold??
- As an FYI, I was fooled by the LOFT dress sale- certain dresses on sale for $39.50.. well they are what I would call "pool dresses" or "day wear" and you can buy better at Target.. just saying
- Today I am getting a spray tan.... by a real person... I hope it goes better then the last time
-Espadrilles are in again... well they are cute but I know from experience they are NOT comfortable
- Look for posts coming soon on my guest room updates... it is the next project on my list

Happy Friday and enjoy the long holiday weekend!!


Andrea said...

I love Friday Facts! Favorite blog of the week!

abkdesign said...

How did the spray tan go by the real person?

M said...

the Spray Tan was great. I recommend going to see Jill at BARE Skin (if you are local)