Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Facts

- I have 3 to-do lists sitting in front of me and I have not started anything....
- I am SO ready for Fall and all the things that come with it... sweaters, pumpkins, leaves falling... love it!
- I got to start my day catching up on the phone with a good friend! Great way to start the day!
- I feel like a brat telling people that Atlantis was not Paradise... we had a GREAT time together, we just would prefer a smaller more quiet atmosphere and Atlantis did not offer that. (is it wierd that Kathi Lee and Hoda are there right now on TV??)
- This summer has been interesting to say the least... sad, stressful, but hopefully ending relaxing and fun...
- I slowly feel myself finding it easier to stand up for myself- say "no" to people when I don't agree and also calling it out when I think that Customer Service is not at it's best...
- I have two sewing projects to complete... need to get to work! I will share once complete
- We celebrated two years of marriage this week... while I love this I am MOST excited about the years to come!!
- football season is here....which means Saturday productivity is over... B loves College Game Day! It usually means we get to eat good food and see friends... so I will survive

Happy Friday!

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