Monday, September 10, 2012

story time

I recently finished the third book in the Hunger Games trilogy, Mocking Jay.
I never really got into the trilogy, but knew I needed to at least get through the books. It took me about a week just to get through the first half of this book. It was slow, dark and not interesting.

I struggled to keep up with the new characters and information that was introduced in each chapter. This book got a little too Sci-Fi for my preference.

I might have to go back and re-read this one to fully understand what happened.
The ending was bittersweet...
I am happy that I completed this trilogy and I am excited to see how the movies will continue to be made, but I would not say that I am a Hunger Games fanatic.

After Mocking Jay, I moved on to The Girl who Chased the Moon by Sarah Addison Allen.
The Girl Who Chased the Moon
 This was recommended to me by a colleague and it was the perfect vacation read. It had the perfect amount of mystery and love story mixed with a little bit of imagination. While I still need to see if this was written after Twilight, I think there was a hint of Edward and Bella mixed in.
I could relate to the story in the essence of small town living and everyone knowing everyone, because that is the world I live in now. However, this had the small town Southern charm and that is something that I would love. Something about people in the south make everything seem more exciting. The details in the book allowed me to envision the food, even how it would smell or taste, I could imagine the homes that they lived in, large or small.

I am now reading another Sarah Addison Allen book, The Peach Keeper. So far, it offers the same Southern Charm.
The Peach Keeper

What are you reading??

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Lindsay Green said...

Gone Girl, it starts out slow but is good once you get into it.