Friday, November 16, 2012

friday facts

- I am a blog slacker... I blame the cold weather. Lack of motivation to start new projects, leaving me with nothing to blog about
- tonight starts our Holiday season... we have family coming over tonight for dinner, friends coming over tomorrow for a football game, family coming in next Wednesday for the Thanksgiving weekend, family coming in the next weekend because they missed the Thanksgiving weekend.... before I know it, it will be Christmas!
- I have slowly started Christmas shopping... I am trying to stay in control this year.
- we got cable again!!!! Some of you might have been around for this post. We got a super deal and I am loving DVR again!!
- Do you watch Nashville?? I love it... mostly because I love Country music.
-I am looking forward to going and cutting down our Christmas tree in a few weeks! Already mapping how I have to rearrange the furniture to make it fit....
- I think I decided that my "homemade" gifts this year will be:
                                       - Whiskey Sticks for the adults (pretzels with a yummy topping)
                                       - Crayon Rolls for the kids
Have a great pre-Thanksgiving weekend everyone

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