Wednesday, January 9, 2013

baby bump update - week 15

I know... what happened to weeks 1-14? Well, I failed to document those, but I will give you a briefing...

Week1-14: We found at about 6 weeks along, so for the first 5 weeks I felt great, totally normal. Week 6 was when things changed.. I woke up every day feeling hung over, when I had not had anything to drink. I just felt off... well... that feeling went on for about 2 weeks until I learned that I needed to eat! Wake up, eat, get ready for work, eat again... after that routine began things were great!
I really have been lucky when I compare to some of the stories I hear, limited morning sickness I had mostly night time nausea- cured by sleep! Lots of sleep!
I had some spotting from the beginning which was very scary for me. I immediately felt fear everyday that something was wrong with the baby or me. I feared all the pressure of being responsible for a living being in my body! Needless to say- weeks 6-10 were stressful on me mentally, much more then physically.
I had 2 ultrasounds before week 12... again mental fears! All along things were great with the little bundle. (who we have nick-named "buddy")
We had the pleasure of revealing the news to our parents and siblings at Thanksgiving time and announcing to extended family with a Christmas Card!

back to present...Week 15 update: according to the pros-the baby is about the size of my fist or for you fruit lovers- an orange. I am showing slightly, all in the gut so I feel like I look as if I just had a few too many big meals.
My clothes don't quite fit, thank goodness for what I call the "fat band" more commonly known as the Belly band. I ordered my first pairs of maternity clothes online this week so I am anxious for those to arrive. I feel great except for this head cold that will not go away!! my mental anxiety has faded and now I am just trying to enjoy each day!
B and I have become avid readers, he especially loves his book "Dude, you're gonna be a dad" educational and entertaining.

We go back to the doctor Feb. 7 for our 20 week ultrasound!! Thats the big one folks.. the gender reveal.... to know or not to know... that is the question!!

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Jill said...

Love this... It's fun to hear how your really doing and to document it bit... 15 weeks! That's crazy!