Tuesday, January 29, 2013

story time

Last time I posted about books I was finishing up a Sarah Addison story The Peach Keeper... that was in September. I have not read a book since....

My reading is now consumed with pregnancy and baby books... some more informative then others.

this is a pic of my night stand... cluttered with books, a laptop and my pregnancy notebook (where I note all my questions for doctor, nursery plans and baby names etc...)

My main reads are:
- Your Pregnancy - week by week (thanks Amy)
- What to expect when you're expecting

My sister recently lent me a book on breastfeeding and a book on babies called "The Baby Book"...clever title.

In addition to the books I read phone apps and online sites and emails... the list goes on. It is a lot of reading about a lot of information that is all new to me!

The best is when they say things like ... "at this point you will experience... " and the thing they say is spot on to what you have experienced... because a lot of it is not happening, which causes worry.

I think that a great title for a pregnancy book is " Every Pregnancy is Different" because... it is and almost everyone I have talked to has had a different experience!
The books have been helpful in some cases and it is fun to hear how the baby should be progressing too!

Are you preg or have you been? What books do you recommend?

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