Tuesday, February 19, 2013


everyone asks... what are you craving. Well, I never really had an answer. Honestly, I am kind of sick of eating...
I shared my love for breakfast food, that still stands! We go through about 2 boxes of cereal a week

This weekend the cravings took a turn... suddenly in the middle of the grocery store I wanted a banana cream pie... so I bought the ingredients, went home and made it. While shopping for the ingredients  I remembered that I had bought a cake mix the week before... I then decided I wanted cupcakes...

Once I got home and had the pie made, I talked myself out of the cupcakes, but the rush of desire I had at the store for those desserts was crazy!!

The pie is delicious!! I now will have piece every night this week until it is gone... yes, I will eat it alone because I have a husband who doesn't like dessert... he doesn't like Whipped Cream!?!?!  I know... unheard of!

So, when people ask me what do you crave I will say that I love dessert.... but seriously who craves Banana Cream Pie...?

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