Tuesday, March 19, 2013


We wanted to have an escape before baby. We looked at many options... narrowed down to the fact that we didn't want to spend tons of money and we had to be done traveling by April...

I was going to Raleigh-Durham, NC for work and so we decided that B would meet me out there and we would have a random weekend in a new town.

B got to golf at The Washington Duke Inn (where my work event was) and then we headed to Downtown Durham for our weekend of fun and relaxation.

Durham is a small city with some super cute districts. We spent time walking around, stopping in stores and eating!

hilarious sign that depicts the tobacco town that Durham is... 

just grabbin' the bull by its horns...

We went to the local farmers market, which was adorable and had so many great vendors.

Here are a few of the places we went and loved:
Parker & Otis- CUTE little cafe and gift shop. Every area had something that I wanted to buy.
Morgan Imports- we went here twice... so much to see in this shop! We even picked up our babies first baby book!!
Chucks- This place was so good! You can not go wrong with burgers and fries

Sometimes it is nice to just get out of your normal routine.

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