Friday, April 5, 2013

friday facts

I haven't shared any fun facts lately, so TGIF and here are some facts about what has been happening in my life lately...

- I am entering the third trimester of pregnancy... 7 months into this pregnancy
- 7 months into pregnancy and I have hit the wall... I felt great, probably annoyingly great to some women...I now feel fat, swollen and tight. This big ol' belly of mine is outgrowing everything and hard as a rock. swelling is real... its not even hot out yet and my hands feel like sausages. By the end of the day my feet are swollen and red... thank goodness it is almost sandal season!
- Reason I need Sandal Season # 2- I can no longer bend down to tie my shoes. I have to do this weird side tie thing... I even ended boot season with B having to remove my boots for me...
- I have the best husband ever! Despite all of the above feelings, he makes me feel pretty every day... well he tries and says nice things, but I still feel all of the above. However, it is nice to know that with acne and cankles he still loves me.
- I just spent a fun weekend with my family. Its nice to grow older and become friends with your siblings. My sisters are 5 years and 15 years younger then me, but I still love having them around to just be me.
- Watching my niece and nephew interact makes me realize a lot of things... my house is not child proof.... kids are messy... but 2 kids seems like the right number and 4 years apart is good too... they are so sweet together (most of the time) and love each other so much!
- We still can not agree on a girl name.... I deep down think this baby is a girl.... we need to get to work on a name.
- my baby brain caused me to mis-count the chairs and settings for my Easter dinner... this is not like me... which made me mad, then the fact that my guests were joking about it... made me go into pregnancy rage. So instead of crying, I just pouted and sat at the kids table...
- Pottery Barn Kids is one of the places we registered. They think they are helpful with a "thank you card helper" tool... well.... that just tells you who bought you what before your shower... sort of takes the fun out of it, but at the same time I can not help but look at it!!!

Here are a few pics from our Easter Weekend.

(yes, I used tea lights for his birthday candles...couldn't find the b-day candles)

Enjoy your weekend everyone! Happy Spring

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abkdesign said...

i too think that 2 kids are great and 4 years apart. Gavin is so kind to Henry and such an awesome big brother! Henry usually laughs at him!