Wednesday, April 10, 2013

yoga day

Today is yoga day! Wednesday I go to Pre-Natal Yoga and I love it!

If something comes on my schedule that conflicts with yoga, it really ruins my week.

I have learned so much from going to this class. The instructor is so calming and has answered so many questions for me! Being in that class actually makes me look forward to child birth and not to fear it.

Prior to being pregnant I used to say, "knock me out and tell me when the baby is here"... I wanted nothing to do with labor. I was terrified!

When I became pregnant, I decided to not think about actually birthing the baby, but just to focus on growing a healthy baby....

When I started going to Katrinas pre-natal yoga class, I started to think about delivery different. Women do this everyday... some do it multiple times!! Our bodies are made to have babies... going into the experience with a positive and calm mind will help get you through the process... obviously there will be pain, but it is in how you manage the pain!

My vision of having a baby has taken a total turn... the panic has left. I now see a calm peaceful event... I have even told myself that if I didn't need drugs I would be ok with I am not going to be a martyr, but why not go into the experience prepared to just have a baby and not focus on the pain! That is a whole different post...

For now I will just be excited to go to yoga with my new pregnant friends! I will enjoy the peaceful break from a busy work day!

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