Wednesday, May 1, 2013

getting ready

well, its been 31 weeks of pregnancy... that is almost 8 months! July 1 is the impending due date of our "Buddy" and while that seems like a long way to go... well, I am starting realize that technically..... this baby could come when ever it is ready!

The question is... are we ready?!

Of course we are ready to meet him or her and love, snuggle and all those fun things you do, but there are so many other things to be ready for!!!

I am starting with the basics.... pack the hospital bag, find a pediatrician, and sleep.

Sounds simple....

So... what should I pack in the hospital bag?

What are some traits in the pediatrician that I should be sure to have, besides medical knowledge....

This is where my mom readers come in... share your thoughts....

t-minus 8 1/2 weeks... or when ever this baby decides they are ready :)

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abkdesign said...

In your bag... I'd pack some normal but comfy clothes so you feel human, a journal notebook so you can jot down some notes (ppl will stop by with gifts and I can’t remember who brought what so this will help for later) and then the nurse will come in with all sorts of directions and I can’t rely on my momnisa brain to remember that either. A few cute outfits for the baby and something special you want to bring your baby home in. Flip flops and socks…other than that just the basics!