Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Pregnancy as most of you know brings no alcohol...for me that was ok... the smell of beer made me ill for awhile, causing me to be pretty cranky when others were around me drinking it, especially a husband coming home after a night out with friends- gross.
Now that the days are sunny and warm... I have really wanted a glass of wine or a cocktail... a blue moon sounds pretty good too! Sitting outside in the sun, grilling and having a drink sounds so great! I know they say... pregnant woman can have a glass of wine or a beer.... I just do not feel like it is worth it. I am in this for the full term, so I will stick with the restrictions!!

However, I have become addicted to my mocktails! Arnold Palmer is my new best friend. 1/2 Lemonade-1/2 iced tea.... yum! I pour it over ice with a lemon wedge and a straw and I enjoy it outside just like I would a real cocktail! I buy the Arizona Tea brand or I have made my own at home with tea bags and frozen lemonade mix.... pretty delicious either way!

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