Monday, May 13, 2013

how to say thank you....

Through out my pregnancy people have been so generous and thoughtful. It is hard to think of special ways to show gratitude...

Recently my sister in law and two friends put together a baby shower! It was a great event with lots of great people and again such generosity!

If it were not for this shower, who knows all the extra items we would have to purchase on our own.

I know these ladies worked hard to organize all the details of the shower and I was torn on how to show them that we were so thankful....

I thought hard about it and came up with many ideas and then realized that I was WAY over complicating it... I decided a gift card was a great thing so that they could treat themselves to something they wanted! Most importantly I wanted it to be to a place where they wanted to buy for themselves and not for their home or someone else!!

I settled on shoes! A girls gotta have some new shoes for summer!!

So it was settled, a DSW gift card.

I then stumbled upon these great note pads with initials! Loved them!

With the help of Pinterest I was able to print a gift tag and wa-la.... cute little "thank you" gift!

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