Tuesday, June 4, 2013

baby bump update- 36 weeks

baby stats- well, no real update there... the baby feels large and according my weekly updates, it should weigh close to 6lbs. he or she is very active! I start my weekly visits this week, so I hope that we can learn more about what the heck is going on in there.

my stats- I am tired and crabby these days! I am feeling very uncomfortable, it is hard to walk because of the constant pressure between my legs. Extended walking leaves me with swollen ankles and feet... or contractions... not sure which is worse! Last week I was up close to 50 lbs... while that is more then I intended to gain, I do not feel like I have gained that much, but I do have one big belly!
I try not to be crabby- I even gave myself a pep-talk this morning that I have made it this far- I will get through the rest of this with a positive attitude!!! well- 1 hour into my work day I was back on the crab wagon....
on top of my crabbiness- the weird symptoms are in full force- My hands are mostly numb all the time, I lost half a tooth and I have a rash on my stomach... awesome! I mean... I guess it could be worse, but seriously I feel like I am falling apart over here!!

The nursery is 95% done... I will post about that soon. Everything is ready... we are just waiting! We have aluminum foil in all the babies devices to keep the cat out... so far it is working! looks pretty silly....

I am looking forward to an evening and day away from home with B today and tomorrow. We are heading to his families lake house about 45 minutes from home. Just to have a little get away before baby arrives. All his idea, which is great! We will sleep in and relax- go on a boat ride and catch some sun before it is officially time to just focus on the fact that in 4 weeks or less we will have a baby!!!!

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