Monday, September 16, 2013

2 months in

Two months with little Marra and to be honest.... it feels like much longer. I can remember week one thinking that I would never make it through.... here we are at the end of two months and I can't imagine a day with out her!

At her two month check up she weighed 12 lbs 13 ounces and was 24 inches long- 97% for height! She might be a tall girl!

She started smiling and has added more fun faces every day! She also has started cooing and making the cutest sounds!!!

Unfortunately she had her first cold as well... it is terrible to see a little one have a stuffed nose and not be able to take care of it! We missed going to a Cincinnati Reds game on Labor Day, but we both knew that being home with her was the best choice.

I also went back to work this month. I thought it was going to be the hardest time ever... it was not as terrible as I imagined. I think I was ready for some routine back in our lives. Also, we found a great babysitter for her. She is going to someones home and the sitter is willing to work with our schedule and communicates updates through out the day.

We are still learning everyday, but we thank god every day for such an easy going baby! She sleeps at least 8 hours every night.... shhhh.... we don't like to talk about it because we are afraid we will jinx it. We know we are lucky, we know other parents hate us... we are just so thankful!

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