Monday, January 12, 2015

get it together....

I used to be a together person... I guess compared to others I still am... but post baby my brain went half to mush and the other half holds a lot of info! So with that, I feel like I have slipped on some of the things that I used to pride myself on.

Part of that being... organized! We have sort of just started putting things in places and then that becomes its home.. and then it is just living in organized chaos....

We are moving this year... oh yea... did I mention that!?! Moving! Our home of 5 years has been great, but we knew it was never a forever home so we are moving on.

With that said... we have begun the process of getting it together... and by IT, I mean all that stuff that we have just piled up for a year.

Here was the first project of 2015... the Office.


Folks... this room has been this way since at least August!! Things have shifted from desk to shelf and back, but nothing left the room... it just kept getting worse! Holy Smokes!

So with the help of my SIL we had a kid free afternoon to turn that into this:

Still a work in progress, but thank goodness we got this room back in order! Went from 2 desks, 100 books and a lot of random crap down to 1 desk, no books and a clean space!

Now we just have to get it "show" ready by spring!

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