Thursday, January 8, 2015

hello 2015

well.... did you give up on me?? Are my readers still out there? 

Even if I have no one reading any more I have decided that it is healthy for me to keep my blog/personal life story going! So- HELLO 2015! I am back!

I see that my last post was from March 2014... sooo what have you missed?!?

We have a 1 1/2 year old! She is amazing, sweet, smart and sassy! We love her more and more each day, despite the challenges she brings!

She tests our patience most days, but it is still so great that every morning we are excited to wake up with her again!

I made it to the one year mark with breastfeeding and so proud of myself for that! She moved on to solids with no trouble and eats like a champ! We have her 18 month check up coming up (yes at 19 months old) and I will share her stats then!

Thanks to my SIL- B and I have been able to have monthly date nights. It took me about a year into motherhood to realize that it was ok to leave your child sometimes. In fact, I think it is best for parents and for the child!
Dates have included beer making, dinner, drinks, weddings and sometimes just rest! 

We have been blessed to stay fairly healthy over the past year... well except for a month of hand foot and mouth, pink eye and rashes for baby, but other then that we have had a semi-germ free home. 

2015 started out great and we have big plans! 

Happy New Year!

 Summer 2014
 First Birthday Photo Session

 Apple Picking in the Fall
Christmas 2014 Photo

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