Wednesday, March 4, 2015

what's for dinner

We recently started ordering from a couple door step dinner companies! We started with Plated- because we got a 2 plate free deal! The recipes were a little outside our comfort zone, but made it fun! Below is our first attempt... I burnt the fish ...
It was a Miso Crusted Pollock with Chinese Broccoli... if I would have ever come home with Chinese Broccoli for dinner B would freak... but because these chefs say its good... he loved it!

The items come pre-measured. There is some prep work, but the presentation of everything from Plated was great! The recipe was easy to follow, even had pictures!

We then decided to try HelloFresh, because we had a coupon for that too! This was another great offering although in comparison not as "adventurous" and the presentation of items was not as nice as Plated.

I do not have pictures of these meals... but we ate them all and enjoyed them!
Pork Chops with Mashed Potatoes
Chicken Parprikash (although... not the version I was used to)
Ginger Beef with Rice

I would recommend any of the door step meals! It was easy and not very time consuming. Then you have a great meal that is probably fancier then what you would make on a normal weeknight.

My only advise is to make sure you DO NOT select auto ship...unless you really want it. We ended up with extra meals because they auto shipped the next week.... we just were not prepared for that.

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