Friday, February 13, 2015

key west getaway!

Despite my awful spat with the flu and then being gone for a week for work... there was light at the end of the tunnel!
We got to take an adult only- couples trip to Key West! It was great!

Thanks to my SIL- we had someone to watch the little one! B flew down to Miami where I was working and then we drove to Key West. I recommend this drive to anyone who has the chance! It was beautiful and also an adventure!

Here is an over view of our trip!

We started on Thursday night with South Beach Miami. I will say that being in Miami I felt very.... Ohio. The style there is very different and I was pale... and well just from the Mid West. The scene at South Beach was not really our scene, but we made the most of it. We strolled the streets and stopped outside for a drink.... the most expensive drink we have ever purchased... a not so delicious $35 margarita! Big enough for two people- strong enough for none.

I can not share any recommendations for South Beach except that I guess it is good for people watching no matter where you end up.

Friday morning we hurried to get on the road! We dropped the top on our Mustang Convertible rental car and hit the road!
It was about a 4 hour drive in total, but worth it!

Tried to take panoramic of the bridge... I will admit that there were a few scary points where we were just a little too close to the edge!

 While driving you pass through all the Keys... we stopped along the way to eat and to enjoy the views. Every where you look-it is the end of the earth and all water! It's amazing.
 Look at the top...CBus makes a debut! We were only 1,215 miles away....

 After 4 hours of driving through paradise we arrived to our home for 2 nights- the Key Lime Inn! This quaint place was great. Below is just the main house where you check in and around it sits little bungalows and villas. We stayed in a one room villa and it was precious! Clean and modern, we were pleasantly surprised. Breakfast each morning by the pool! Couldn't ask for more!

 While in Key West we did all the recommended tourist things and also just relaxed- ate and drank!

We found a local place called Willie T's that played live music all day long- outside!! So we stopped there along our walks each day...and night ! We of course left our mark!

Southernmost Point... a must. We lucked out with no wait... later that day there was a line literally wrapped a block long to get a pic with this thing!

 The chickens and roosters... oh my! They were everywhere... common as a squirrel is to the midwest, Key West has chickens! We stopped for Bloody Marys at Blue Heaven and enjoyed fresh air and rooster watching!
 The best part of the trip was just our time together... while we thought of our girl every day and talked about how we should take her with us next time... we liked just having adult time. To talk with out interruption and to not talk and still not have interruption. Here is a pic I took- at the pool... while laying down! How often does a parent get to do that!!
The sunsets were amazing. In fact, at a place called Mallory Square they have Sunset Celebration every night! everyone gathers outside on the pier with live music, street performers , food and drinks just to watch the sunset!

 We only stayed 2 1/2 days, but we loved it. We were ready to go home, but thankful to have made the trip!
Until next time...

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