Friday, January 30, 2015

quick life update

This week has been probably one of the worst in parenting history. Not because of our child... just because our health was tested! We were a sick household:


January 20- B is sick with Stomach Virus
January 22- baby berbee gets cough
January 24- I start to get a cough- not feeling great
January 26- Baby cough is worse and loud... go to dr... she has croup! Yuck spend the day at home resting and snuggling
January 27- I wake up ill... like can't lift my head off the pillow ill.... freezing cold, sweating and snott running gross ill
I go to the dr.... Flu... I have the damn flu. Prescribe me rest and Tamiflu
January 28- Feel better... Tamiflu works... except I think Tamiflu makes me sad... because I am crying... sad about being sick, sad that I am too sick to keep my baby home with me... sad that I have not been out of the house in days... just plain crying and sad...
However a friend and a pharmacist both told me... "thats the flu"
January 29- I feel better... still not 100 %
January 30- Back to work and still sad... ask pharmacist if I can stop taking Tamiflu... she says no.... and that sometimes Anti-Virals will "make you feel that way"....

I guess the point of my story is- I hate being sick! I hate it even more when my poor baby is sick and I want to just take care of her... but I am too sick to even lift her up... I am typically a tough lady! But this flu certainly got me down this week!!

Wash your hands! Hold your kids close- and wash their hands too!

Tomorrow is a Fresh Start!

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