Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Some might say we are crazy... expecting a second baby... selling our house... moving into a 75 year old home with enough windows to clean to drive you crazy...

well- we are a little crazy, but we are not afraid of a little change!

We recently sold our home of six years. The one I blogged about- the place we lived in when we got married, had our first baby and experienced many of life ups and downs. Sold in 2 weeks flat!

At 7 months pregnant we packed up and moved into the home my husband grew up in. It is a 1942 home sitting on 2 acres of beautiful land in the center of our town. we love it! However... it is a lot of house and a lot of work!

With all that said- I am changing focus and bringing Salutations back to life for the next phase! Documenting the transformation of our new home and the growth of our family!

How are we surviving the move you wonder... well its week 2 and we are almost unpacked. Baby Berbee (#1) has sort of adjusted... she still asks to go home... which breaks my heart- but she loves her new big girl room and the choo-choo train that Daddy and Opa put in the basement 15 years ago.

Stay Tuned for more... lots of befores and afters. Maybe even some heavy venting about the 28 years of clean up... I joke that I might actually be cleaning finger prints that my husband left as a child.

It is a change, but we are home!

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