Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Welcome to our new home. Before I started sharing all the inside details of our transformation I wanted to formally introduce you to the project and give you some stats on what we are dealing with.

Our new home is classified as a 1940s French Influenced Style home... however when I google that.. none of the homes look anything like this.

The home is 5 bedrooms and 4 1/2 bathrooms.

We have confirmed that there is original hardwood floor through out... mostly oak and pine, however most of which is covered with carpet. So please add that to your list of projects to watch out for!

The garage is a two car- however that is so far not proving to work out... so we currently fit 1 car (mine luckily)

- The Kitchen. not due to space, as it is small, but there is a large window looking out into our backyard that I Love and so much natural light comes in.
- The Sunporch.It is a 4 seasons room and we so look forward to spending evenings out there
- I have a laundry room! OH and a laundry shoot!! I hated the laundry closet in our last home.

All of these favorites are still a work in progress, but once they are done we they will be super favorites.

Here is a terrible photo of the front left of the house. This is taken from the driveway.

Now we just have to get to work.

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