Thursday, November 12, 2015

one room at a time....

The household mantra... one room at a time...

easier said then done. I sit in a room- I have visions, I dream, I Pin... and then I move to the next one... I have started with small things, but really do need to go back to focusing on ONE ROOM AT A TIME.... because otherwise I am going to go crazy!!

Before we moved in I knew there were a few rooms that had to be painted for me to move in peacefully...
- The Breakfast Room
- The TV Room (what we call Den)
- The Nursery

The breakfast room is essentially connected to the Kitchen- so I decided what the heck- lets paint both!
*don't judge the photo quality... iPhone pics

Here is the before:

 The ceiling is a Bronze color, the walls are wallpaper texture up top and a dark brown on the bottom.

Inside that cute little door is an ironing board.... so not practical, but so cute!

Here is the matching Kitchen:

 More textured & gold wallpaper
More Bronze ceiling. There is a white ceramic tile back splash with Delft Blue prints...we kept that for the sake of time and nostalgia... TBD on if it stays forever...

Here are some during photos:

 This is with the wallpaper removed... ceilings are still bronze
 More barewall... no wallpaper- this is looking into the breakfast room
 Here is the breakfast room without wallpaper (in the background is the Dining Room... one room at a time remember)
Here is looking from breakfast room into Kitchen.

Here are the after pics:

 This wall.... still working on something to put here. More on that soon.

I love this window... that's all.

Before & After 

This space is not completely done, but much better for now.

Details of change:
- Paint Color: Benjamin Moore- Quiet Moments
- Lighting: Changed out the glass to Mercury Glass Globes from Lowes

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