Friday, December 4, 2015

the first DIY...

We attempted our first DIY project... revamp the garage entry to house- calling it the command center/landing spot.
This is the door we enter ever day to and from the house... it is a very tight space and needed some updating for my sanity.

You enter from the garage and you have 3 options:
Go straight to the kitchen
Go right to the basement or upstairs to the guest room
Left -hit a wall or the pantry

The pantry door collides with the garage door and the steps upstairs have already become the landing spot for all items when we walk in the door...

Here was the plan:
Create a Chalkboard wall- because that makes me feel like it is home
Create a sliding pantry door to avoid further collisions
Hang hooks and sorting area for mail and bags etc..

Here is the work:

This is the BEFORE (looking in from the garage door entry) the door you see goes into the Kitchen
 Here is looking toward the garage from the Kitchen entry.. the pantry door is on the left... 
Step 1- Remove Wallpaper! Here is my wallpaper removal helper... she used the scoring tool
 Here is chalkboard wall- Pantry door removed and brackets hung for the sliding door
 Here is the AFTER... (ignore the glaring light... fixture not replaced yet)
 View from the basement stairs
 view down the stairs from the pantry door

We used the original door from the pantry we just painted it and added new hardware.

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