Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Quick bathroom refresh

When we moved in we were so lucky that most bathrooms had been updated in the last few years. However, out Master Bath was not... I said I could live with it.... I was wrong.

It's the only bathtub in the house so with little ones, we use it a lot.

Here is what I was dealing with...

I am sure in the 90's when this was installed it was all the rage... however, not for us! We know that some day we will overhaul this whole Master Suite, so for now we chose the bandaid route and went with some very generic styles from our local Lowes.

Here are some of the working photos. Props to my hubs as he did all the work. I held down the house.. you know since we had a 3 week old at the time. Perfect time to do projects... not.

Here is the finished result (sorry for the dark pic)

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