Wednesday, May 11, 2016

life in moments

life since we welcomed our sweet Magnolia Jane has been chaos to say the least. My house is not as clean as I would like and the projects are not getting done as quickly as preferred. The girls are growing way too fast and the months are flying by!

I have slowly learned to pause my brain and just soak in the moments that we have together. It is hard- I am an over doer, over planner and professional list maker! the lists grow and things eventually get checked off, but usually at the expense of less time with my kids.

I am realizing that life is just a bunch of little moments that make up each day and memory.

I want my girls to remember me as a fun and caring mother and not a drill sergeant.

This phase of life is hard work! Thankfully I am not alone is this journey and have a great support from my husband and family. Still hard!

This picture sits on my desk at work and when I look at it- time stands still. This is one of my happiest memories!

We will get through this rough patch- its a small phase is this life! I will enjoy these moments!

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