Friday, July 1, 2016

yard work-the before

Now that it is summer and we spend time outside we realized- wow- this yard takes A LOT of work.

Having a husband who works with plants 24/7- he actually doesn't like to come home and landscape.

We decided to just rip everything out and start over... 30 + years of growth...

we started with making space for a new swing set...

then moved on to the front yard.

Oh and by WE I mean... my hard working husband did it all.

There was a flower bed here and we ripped it all out to make a mulch bed for the swing set.

 3rd birthday present for sweet Marra... yes- we now have a 3 year old!!

Continue to the front yard for more removal of shrubs etc... 

I am so happy that I can see my house again! Now to plan for what gets planted in place of all this!!

stay tuned for the after... although it might be a few years!

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