Monday, June 13, 2016

Painting Project

We have a beautiful four seasons room with 3 walls of sliding glass doors and windows. The down side is that this had been what was known in the family as the "conference room" where everyone went to smoke... for 25 years. So the room was yellow and smelled like stale cigarettes. 

Step 1 we ripped out the scratchy indoor/outdoor carpet. This left dried glue on the cement- requiring a sander to remove. 

Step 2 wash the yellow off the walls. I admittedly got lazy on this one- especially for the ceiling which I would pay for later when painting.

Step 3 paint... paint and keep painting. 

 Room before painting
 Here is mid painting. We decided on a southern style- painting the ceiling a shade of blue. Southerners do this to keep bugs away. see the blue compared to yellow on the ceiling... 

We painted the floors with Floor enamel and left the concrete. Perfect with kids and pets!

Here are the after photos. 

 Don't mind the lamp.. .the ceiling fan light has not been installed yet...

paint colors by Sherwin Williams
wall= pure white
ceiling= window pane
floor- concrete grey

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