Tuesday, December 21, 2010

a step back in technology

Some of you might remember reading this post... Tune In Tokyo

We do still have a lot of TV's...Here is what has changed ... on Friday, we CANCELLED OUR CABLE.

Go ahead and say it, "what?" everyone else has given us that are you crazy look when we tell them... 

Here is the series of events that lead to this decision:

1)When my husband and I sat down to make our 2011 goals list, we realized wow.. we have a lot to accomplish.
2)Time Warner, our cable provider, made changes to our pricing, even though we had an agreement to be locked into the same rate for 2 years. They monopolize the area as the only cable provider so we had no other options. (aside from the DISH, sorry I do not want a satelite in my yard and I lose cable anytime the wind blows)
3) We realized how often we watch the TV and for no reason, just to watch TV, which in the end would not help us with the first conclusion... lots to accomplish.

We are nervous because we enjoy being able to relax and watch TV, but in the end, missing episodes of Desperate Housewives and Pawn Stars will be ok!

We figure, if it is terrible then we will just order it again. However, here is how we will survive... NetFlix and the internet. You can watch just about any show and movie through these outlets. I will have more time to Blog and maybe I will even become better at it.

Anyways, it is a big change, but we are excited for the challenge.

Now...what book should I read first....

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abkdesign said...

love it!! keep us posted on how it goes- i would love to do this as well.