Thursday, February 24, 2011

for someone lucky

I have mentioned a few times that my husband is from the Netherlands. His family is in the Flower Bulb business. This does not mean that I know anything about plants or flowers, but I am learning. I have learned that there is more to Dutch flowers then the Tulip... yes, that is the most famous and popular but there are so many more!
There are quite a few bulbs that can grow indoors, those are my favorites! I love fresh flowers in the house!

One of my most favorite is the Amaryllis. This is such a cool flower, it grows indoors- well atleast that is the requirement for the Ohio climate. It likes warmth and sunlight. It takes very little watering.
When they start to grow it is such a fun process to watch... each day the stem gets longer and longer...

Here are some picture of my recent batch.

I have 4 bulbs planted in a pot together! Each bulb can produce 2-4 blooms!

Now for the best part of this post. I am giving away an Amaryllis bulb to one lucky winner!!!

Leave a comment about your favorite flower and you will be entered to win!
It is that simple!

My favorite flower has changed over the years... I love Lilac Bushes, I love Peonies, I have a special love for Dahlias because we grew our own for the wedding...

Giveaway is open until March 4!

I can't wait to hear about your favorites!!


abkdesign said...

My favorite are peonies and I pray that those that I took with me from my old house will bloom this year at our new house. I also like snapdragons as they seem to keep blooming all summer and I always have some in my home. This is really making me wish for spring and summer to hurry along- I have big plans this year for the yard :)

Jill said...

I love gerbea daisies... My fav. Especially in RED!

Jana said...

Because of my friend abkdesign, I also love peonies! I didn't know much about this flower until I saw a few fresh ones displayed in her darling cubicle set-up! I love the bright cheerful gerbera daisies too :) (An amaryllis would look just DARLING at the craft club :))

Karen said...

Hmmm, I'd have to say daffodils are my favorite. They remind me of Spring and my Grandma Sorensen. Plus, I think their beauty is subtle. I like things that are refreshing and pleasant but not predictable like roses, etc. Haha, look at me trying to sound all deep and poetic like;)