Friday, May 6, 2011

calling all flower lovers

It seems that the rain in the midwest is going to hold off for awhile (fingers crossed). One of the reasons I have hated it so much is because it is messing with my garden plans.... my cash crop garden!

As you know by reading (or knowing me) my hubby is in the green industry, he distrubutes flower bulbs and owns a Garden Center. Thanks to this he was able to donate some land to me for a cut flower garden!

My friend Mrs. Hopeful and I have been planning a side business for over a year now... everything from craft sales to refinished furniture to becoming wholesale sellers at the Garden Center... nothing has fit quite right until now!
We are going to sell fresh cut flowers at the local Farmers Market!!! It works great because it is seasonal work and fun!

We are in what I would call stage 3 of the process... here is a preview of our stages:

Stage 1-
The Garden
Like I said, we were gifted this plot of land... with the help of my gardening hubby we turned this:

into this:

Stage 2-
The crop
Once again, thanks to my super generous hubs we were able to use some greenhouse space to start seeds in March...

Stage 3-
The Growth
Thanks to the pause in rain and insert of sunshine, we were able to get our lovely seedlings into the ground... we still have lots to plant...

The Farmers Market opens on May 14! While we will not have flowers to sell that day we are so excited to have a variety of pretty colorful flowers to bring to the community in just a few weeks!

For all you locals, head on out to the Union County Farmers Market and look for us, Hometown Routes.


Jill said...

So exciting!

abkdesign said...

awesome- good luck!