Monday, May 16, 2011

turning 1 is fun!

my sweet niece turned one April 30! It is hard to believe that it was a whole year ago that she was born.

My sister hosted a small first birthday party all themed around pink and cupcakes! Pink frosted cupcakes were a must for a little girls first bday! I volunteered to be in charge of homemade frosting. I had my heart set on Whipped Cream Frosting! YUM... Here are the lessons I learned.

Make extra! Frost early, save room in fridge to put cupcakes back in before serving and most important, Don't forget the sugar!!!!
Here is the frosting recipe:

Frosts 2 dozen cupcakes
3 cups heavy whipping cream
Vanilla (to taste)
Granulated Sugar (to taste)

Beat cream until thick. Slowly adding vanilla and sugar

It was a fun day! It is a proven fact that after all the fun gifts she opened, she just wanted to play with the balloons and the empty boxes... kids are so simple!

 we bought her this little chair and it was a hit! She loved to sit in it and bounce around!

Happy Birthday Isabelle Iris!

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