Wednesday, November 9, 2011

basement project-update #1

I have had stripes on my mind for months now and I just had to find the right place for them.
When I decided to turn the lower level (never to be called Man Cave) into a fun room for all, I knew that it had to have stripes!

I picked the colors... task #1... all I had to do was get straight lines and go!.... right easier said then done.

I read a lot of sites on how to paint stripes and no one really tells it like it is... so here is my version

Step 1- get someone to help you! A friend... a spouse... someone that you can laugh with and is not going to send you over the edge when it gets stressful....
Step 2- Get a level, a tape measure and a straight edge... now... decide between the 2 people who has the best eye sight to measure and judge what "level" really means.
Step 3- get a really sharp pencil... for real this is serious
Step 4- measure your line width
Step 5- RE measure
Step 6- start making your first line.... this is where the eye sight for a level line is needed.... 1 person to hold the level and one person to draw the line
Step 7- MEASURE the width of your lines again!.... if they still do not equal your original #... go back to Step 2 and re-evaluate who actually knows what Level means!
Step 8- Continue Steps 6&7 until you have all your lines drawn.
Step 9- have a beer... you'll need it
Step 10- Mark the sections that you will not paint....
Step 11- Start Taping.... above and below the lines for each section.....
Step 12- MEASURE again.... for real you never know
Step 13- Start Painting
Step 14- deep breathes... paint 2nd coat
Step 15- Take off tape right away!

 Ok... admire it.... love it.... you did a great job, but you are not done yet....

Step 16- Get a tiny little paint brush (like for kids) and paint over the pencil marks that you will have because you drew so many lines trying to get it straight that you ran out of Pencil.
Step 17- put furniture back ASAP because then you will not analyze all the places that MAYBE are not straight....

Here is a really bad pic I took with my phone... but you get the idea....
I will have more finished product pictures as soon as I complete the room...

Colors: Valspar Smoked Oyster and Southern Taupe (mixed in Sherwin williams paint)
Tape: Frog (the green kind)
Time Spent: a whole weekend ( to paint the whole basement)- 4 hours to draw the lines for the stripes
Total cost for Stripes: $50 in paint


Jill said...

I think it looks awesome!

It's going to be a great space to hang out in...

When should we come over?

Anonymous said...

I love it!! Can't wait for you to have a gathering down there!

Anonymous said...

AWESOME!!!!!!!! I just might have to copy your paint colors- hope you don't mind :)!

Anonymous said...

I like it!

Jana said...

Awesome!!!!! I love it! I was just thinking today about the swap party. I'm already saving up my stuff!