Monday, November 14, 2011

new focus

I have always been able to find the look for less... somehow, I find a way. This is with clothes, housewares.... almost anything. I have realized that I like nice things, but really struggle with buying them for myself! I always feel better if I can get it for less.

I am taking a new focus with my blog... I will catch you up on my life, but mostly I am going to focus on my look for less skills....

I recently found this HGTV show and loved it! The High Low Project is about taking someones dream room and then creating it for thousands of dollars less..

 My recent example of the look for less is the white table I wanted in my basement... I wanted it to be all white and casual....

The first table goes for close to $600 with the chairs

 My version, although not exact, is a combination of items that I got for less then $20 and painted for about $40... you can learn more about it here.

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