Friday, September 28, 2012

friday facts

I know, it has been awhile

- It is almost October WTF... this year has FLOWN by and not in a good way
- It is time to get out my fall clothes, fall decor etc... not really feeling it yet, but forcing it
- We have been home for less then a week from vacation and now... we get to leave again tomorrow for a wedding 2 hours away.... looking forward to seeing my friend get married, but would love to enjoy a Saturday at home
- yep, we were on vacation again... here is a glimpse

- I have the day off work today! plans include- cleaning, shopping getting my hair did... making Chicken Pot Pie! YUM
- Does anyone else feel like we didn't have an apple season this year? happens to be my fav!
- Currently listening to "son of a preacher".... love this song!
-I am back in the habit of adding things to my Cart online shopping and then never going to back to make the commitment! Why do I do this? Is it online buyers remorse?

Have a great weekend!

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