Friday, October 12, 2012

friday facts- fall edition

seems like I have become a Friday blogger... in any case... here are todays facts

- I love this time of year... if only I wasn't so busy that the days just flash by
- I have many visions for how I would like my fall decor to be in and outside the home... even on my body- fall fashion... thanks to Pinterest.... I am just not executing these ideas very well....
- I am realizing that enjoying life is much more important then enjoying stuff and how the stuff looks... hence the point above!
- b and I have had some fun trips this year and we are looking into another Nov. trip with his family... FUN... I will not complain about a tan before Christmas
- speaking of Christmas.... it is creepin' up on us isn't it... reminds me that I need to draft that letter to Macy's telling them that I HATE that they have already transformed into a Winter Wonderland... it is OCTOBER people

Here are a few pics of the fall decor that I was able to put together... I am trying to be a little more subtle this year...

Happy Fall! enjoy the sunshine while it's out there!

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