Thursday, November 7, 2013

4 months

It is hard to believe that our little girl is four months already! It is also crazy to think about how much she has changed and developed in the last couple months!

Stats: at her 4 month well-check she weighed 17 lbs and measured 27 inches!! 98% for height! She is a tall lady. She is rolling over and sitting up with assistance and support. She loves her jumper and anything that lights up or makes noise! Doctor predicted that we would have a crawler by Christmas because of how strong she is! yikes! time to get the gates up.
She is officially in 6 month clothes- 9 months in some brands-especially pants and pjs because she has some long legs!

She is a happy happy girl! We are so thankful! 90% of the time she sleeps straight through the night 8p.m.-5a.m.! Amazing! The few occasions when she doesn't sleep through the night- she is just up earlier then normal... no one enjoys those 3a.m. wake up calls!

I am back to work and not totally hating it. I enjoy my time with other adults and we have found an awesome babysitter! But, there are days when I just hate the idea of her spending 40 hours a week with other people. I wish I could spend all that time with her! We cherish the weekends!

Marra at daycare is not stressful at all. Our sitter is amazing and so patient and helpful! Marra is happy there and has other little friends that love her! The little kids call her "baby Marna" its pretty cute! It takes so much weight off our shoulders knowing that she is safe and cared for!

A few things that we have done in the last two months...
- went to Cleveland for her cousins eighth birthday
- went to the apple orchard
- celebrated daddy becoming a U.S. citizen
- went to Cleveland again to visit college friends and family! Marra did awesome... until we drove home and she cried the whole way! UGH. Nothing like nursing in the gas station parking lot.
- she had her first Halloween. Dressed up as a pumpkin & a flower!

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