Friday, November 15, 2013

friday facts

- we have a teether! Marra popped her first tooth this week! So cute! She has been a trooper through it all.
- still trying to find the balance... mom and my own person... its hard. I am giving 90% to our daughter and the other 10% has to be shared between work, my husband, family, friends oh and last but not least myself.... so I apologize if I am a bad wife, friend or family member... but I am currently going to give it all to Marra...
- I currently have the worst chapped lips... worse then I have ever experienced in all my life.... so embarrassing and painful!!! any cures or suggestions?!
- I am very sad for the people in the Philippines... It just gives us so much to be thankful for this time of year. It is awful to imagine every having to go through an experience like that.
- we are heading to the Justin Timberlake concert this weekend! Yep you heard it! we are going to be out way past our bed time of 8p.m.!
- in order for us to go out... we rarely ever get to! My in-laws have offered to watch the baby! We had a "training" session this week on how to put her down for bed. It went well... I know it seems silly to have to train, but it makes me and B feel better since no one has ever put her to sleep except us!

I will leave you with this of which I am most thankful for

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abkdesign said...

i love her smile!!! What a big girl getting her first tooth already!