Friday, November 1, 2013

friday facts

- I am loving music lately... especially songs I want to sing to Marra. I have a playlist for her that we listen to a lot... some of the songs are : God Speed by the Dixie Chicks, Home by Phillips Phillips, Daughter by Louden Wainwright and then a special favorite is Father Daughter by Paul Simon, I already want that to be her Father Daughter Dance song at her wedding... lame I know.
- Marra got to wear two Halloween costumes... a Pumpkin and a Flower. super cute little lady she is!
- still breastfeeding- still liking it... almost to my 6 months goal and pretty sure I will make it past that to my 9 month goal!
- I miss my grandma.... is it creepy or sweet that I often imagine that she is Marras guardian angel...
- we have our first non-family baby sitter coming tonight... just while the baby is sleeping, but still makes me nervous!
- I want to start Christmas shopping!
- I have to take deep breathes to calm myself when I pass the laundry baskets full of clean clothes that I don't have time to put away....

I promise I will write more posts and not just these random rants about my life! Coming soon...

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