Tuesday, December 17, 2013

milk maid status

I am approaching my 6 month mark of breastfeeding. My goal was to make it to at least 6 months! I am positive that my goal now is to make it to a year.

Once I went back to work my schedule changed... this made the process easier. Now the hard part became pumping and working that into my daily routine. Luckily my office makes it very convenient for mothers to pump. We have 4 mothers rooms in the building, each with multiple private nooks (behind curtains) with a chair and table and in the room is a fridge and sink. I can say that with out this set up I am not sure I would have made it this far in the process.

The hardest part is when I am not at work. So, lets say I just want to spend an afternoon running errands on my own. Well that means, I have to leave milk for Marra and then pump while I am away. Thanks to a battery option in my pump, car pumping has become a pretty normal task!

Marra is drinking about 5 oz. each bottle now every 3 hours, she was only drinking 4 ounces for about 5 months. She has no issues with bottle feeding, as she gets 3 bottles a day as the babysitters. So we nurse once or twice in the morning, 3 bottles in the day and then nurses once before bed.

Of the 6 months we have been exclusively breastfeeding, I can say that truly the first 4 weeks were the hardest! Now, it is a normal procedure that I actually enjoy.
I am still a milk maid, but now it I don't feel like it is a chore.

I am happy I stuck it out. We are going to introduce fruits & veggies next week and I am pretty excited to see how she takes to that!

So here is my commitment in writing to make it to the one year mark! Six more months...

I think that she will be ok with it...

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2 Twisters said...

You can do it!! You've made it this far and now it will only get easier!